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Agent Orange Feminized

Don’t let the name fool you, Agent Orange is a well-balanced hybrid that delivers clean energy, happiness, and euphoria to those who suffer from depression or feel lethargic.

This strain is packed with positive feelings of euphoria, happiness, and clean energy. Imagine coffee without any of the nerves or jitters — just the motivation to get stuff done throughout the day. That’s the determination you get from Agent Orange. If you’re ever feeling lazy or legarthic, just a few hits of this stuff will put you on the right track to tackle that to-do list. Consumers agree that the smell and taste of Agent Orange marijuana seeds will win you over as a first impression. It’s the effects that keep you coming back for life. This strain is well-balanced enough with sativa and indica to please beginner and veteran smokers. Nothing feels too overwhelming — just ride the wave of happiness and energy.