5 Best 1:1 THC to CBD Marijuana Strains  Cannabis for sale uk

The best balanced strains at your fingertips

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As fun as it is to get completely stoned on a high-THC strain like Strawberry Cough, an increasing number of users want a more even and easily controlled high. CBD has been championed as the cannabinoid of choice for medicinal use because it is non-intoxicating and doesn’t get you high. However, the ‘entourage effect’ suggests that cannabinoids work better together than in isolation.  Cannabis for sale uk

Therefore, it makes sense to look for a marijuana strain that has a reasonably even ratio of CBD to THC. After all, CBD helps counteract the psychoactive effects of THC and can even reduce the likelihood of side effects such as anxiety and paranoia.

Who Should Use a 1:1 THC to CBD Ratio?

Anyone in search of a strain that helps combat the effects of anxiety, fibromyalgia, nausea, insomnia, multiple sclerosis, and chronic pain should use a 1:1 strain. Strains with extremely high levels of THC are best used for appetite stimulation and inflammation, while high CBD strains potentially work well for anxiety, depression, and PTSD.

A few years ago, it would have been difficult or even impossible to find strains with a 1:1 ratio. Today, breeders understand the benefits of this type of strain and are also aware of the increasing demand. As a result, there are several viable options and in this guide, we provide you with five of the best strains.  Cannabis for sale uk

1 – Argyle (The Relaxing Marijuana Strain)

This strain comes from Ontario-based Tweed and is a cross of Sensi Star and Afghani. The former is an indica-dominant strain while the latter is a pure landrace indica. Although Argyle is similar to the Nordle strain, they are not quite the same, as Argyle has higher CBD levels which ensured it became a highly sought after 1:1 strain.

Argyle is indica-dominant (up to 80%), with a THC level of 4-7% and a CBD level of 5-8%. The ideal ratio, coupled with the moderate THC level overall, means this is the perfect strain for new users. Even so, you ultimately benefit from a really pleasant, mellow high; it just takes a while to manifest. Eventually, you will enjoy the uplifting sensation this strain provides. You should feel clear-minded and happy, and also able to focus on your daily tasks.

After a while, the indica influence takes over, and your body enters relaxation mode. It is an excellent afternoon strain, although there is a chance of couch-lock. The pine and earth scent are pleasant enough, and the woody and herbal taste has the merest hint of vanilla which makes it very enticing. New users could experience a bit of dizziness while red eyes are also possible. As Argyle was developed for medical purposes, you can use it to reduce swelling, inflammation, and pain.  Cannabis for sale uk

2 – Dancehall (The Marijuana Strain with Reggae Roots)

Dancehall is a marijuana strain with interesting origins. It was developed by a breeder called Reggae Seeds in Jamaica, and is a cross of Kalijah and Juanita la Lagrimosa. Dancehall quickly became popular when introduced to North America and has won the silver Canadian Cannabis Award for best CBD Flower, amongst other accolades. Although it won’t improve your moves on the dancefloor, Dancehall can give you badly needed relief that would otherwise prevent you showing off your skills in the first place!  marijuana for sale uk

It is a slightly sativa-dominant (60%) hybrid with approximately 9% THC and up to 16% CBD depending on the strain. As a result, you should be able to find a 1:1 version. Although Dancehall’s THC content is in single digit territory, it routinely surprises people by how quickly it acts. The initial clear-headed high boosts creativity and, in some users, it stimulates arousal! The invigorating feeling lasts for several hours, and you may also feel a pleasant tingling sensation in the body.  Cannabis for sale uk

It is an excellent party strain, and its sweet floral scent is disarming. Once you taste Dancehall, the delicious pineapple flavor will take you in. On rare occasions, you may experience a mild headache, and dry mouth is a common side effect. However, its extremely high CBD content means it could provide you with excellent medicinal benefits. Users take Dancehall to help alleviate stress and depression.

3 – Sweet and Sour Widow (The Marijuana Strain That Builds on a Classic)

Ultimately, Sweet and Sour Widow is a CBD-enriched version of White Widow that is used to treat medical issues. It was developed by CBD Crew; a group formed when Mr. Shantibaba and Mr. Nice Seeds combined forces. The main differences between this strain and White Widow is an increase in CBD and a decrease in THC. It is an indica-dominant (70%) strain with a THC and CBD content of 5-11%.

Although it may not be potent enough for experienced weed users, neophytes will get plenty of effects from Sweet and Sour Widow. It offers a subtle cerebral high and provides a mood boost. Users report feeling more energetic and motivated which makes this an excellent morning or early afternoon strain. Eventually, you will feel a gradual soothing of the muscles. It is also known to act as a natural aphrodisiac so you can use it at night.  marijuana for sale uk

One thing that some users don’t like about Sweet and Sour Widow is the unusual scent of onions! It tastes like sweet onions combined with pepper, and has a slightly sour aftertaste. You may experience cottonmouth and dizziness due to dehydration, so make sure you drink lots of water. Sweet and Sour Widow is used to treat fatigue and migraine headaches.

4 – Pennywise (The Marijuana Strain That Doesn’t Clown Around)

If you’ve ever heard of the evil clown Pennywise, you’ll know that he terrorized people in their dreams. Fortunately, this strain ensures you enjoy sweet dreams! It is a cross of Jack the Ripperand Harlequin and was developed by TGA Subcool Seeds. Pennywise is a relatively powerful strain, with THC and CBD levels of 12-15%. It is an indica-dominant (80%) strain known for providing outstanding medical benefits.

The name of the strain is something of a misnomer. When you use Pennywise, you are not hit with a powerful high right away. Instead, it gradually provides cerebral effects and boosts your mood. Perhaps surprisingly, it keeps you calm and focused. After a while, the indica elements of the strain take over which means full body relaxation. Within a couple of hours, you may well be drawn to your couch, so we recommend taking Pennywise in the evening.  marijuana for sale uk

The sweet scent has the merest hint of coffee, while the fruity citrus taste is exceedingly pleasant. As is often the case with marijuana strains, possible side effects include dry eyes and cottonmouth. It is not the best option for anxiety because it could actually enhance that negative feeling. Instead, Pennywise is best used for chronic pain.  Cannabis for sale uk

5 – Cannatonic (The All-Star Marijuana Strain)

Cannatonic Cannabis Strain

This is probably the most famous entry on the list. Cannatonic is known around the world as a potent medicinal strain and is a cross of G13 Haze and MK Ultra. With such top-notch genetics, it is not a surprise to learn that this strain is one of the most popular on the market. It is a balanced hybrid with 12% CBD and anywhere from 7% to 15% THC.  marijuana for sale uk

As you might expect, high-THC Cannatonic strains are rather potent and offer a mellow high that hits you relatively quickly. However, it is an ‘enjoyable’ high that won’t confine you to your bed. Users report feeling ‘lighter’ after a few hits, as it provides relaxation and a sense of optimism. You should experience an elevated mood but no energy boost. As it is such a balanced strain, the clear cerebral high never completely switches to the body.

The earthy and citrus scent is popular, as are the stunning pine and fruity flavors which make Cannatonic one of the nicest strains to smoke. Side effects are rare but can include dizziness and red eyes. It is among the best healing strains you’ll find and is used for migraines, muscle spasms, cerebral palsy, and a host of other conditions.

Final Thoughts on Balanced THC:CBD Strains,,,marijuana for sale uk

In the world of medical weed, strains with a 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD are considered the gold standard. Perhaps a decade ago, THC was thought to be the only cannabinoid in town. Fortunately, researchers have worked long and hard to find others, and research is beginning to suggest that CBD is arguably the better option for medical use. Of course, the entourage effect outlines the need to combine cannabinoids which is why strains with CBD and THC in almost equal measures are so coveted.

Both THC and CBD work well for specific conditions, but their joint powers are far more effective. Imagine a strain capable of providing you with a pleasant, mellow high that helps alleviate pain but that doesn’t completely knock you out. In fact, you don’t have to imagine any longer, because there are dozens of strains capable of doing just that. Other worthy marijuana strains not mentioned on this list include Bediol, Nina, and Highlands.  marijuana for sale uk