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Fantastic Exotic



There is room within this 50ml bottle to add 10ml of an 18mg nicotine shot, doing so will give you 60ml 3mg nicotine strength.

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Fantastic Exotic Amazon – Not all fruits play well together but this one definitely blends to perfection! A unique e-liquid flavour with crisp and juicy strawberry and apple.
Tropical – The tropical fusion of mango and orange vape juice, shop Fantastic Exotic Tropical the sweet and husky mango balanced the sour and pulpy orange!
Tribal – This golden combination of mango, pineapple and jackfruit grants you a rich and strong Fantastic Exotic flavour, as if you’re roaming free in the wild!!
Spirit – The juicy, sweet and sour blackcurrant and grape are mixed with soursop by Fantastic Exotic, a fruit with unique flavor and has a delicate tropical fragrance.
Nile – The combination of lemon, lime and a dash of mojito Fantastic Exotic e-juice series is perfect to re-energized you back! Just like the Nile rapids!
70% VG

This is another of the best vape cartridge present in the market. It comes in a 50 ml bottle. However, there is a room in a bottle to add some nicotine. Doing this will give the consumer some great vaping experience.

It comes in so many different flavors and each flavor has a particular taste and characteristics of its own. Amazon flavors blends all the fruits in such a great perfect manner. Each vape appears to be a mixture of juicy strawberry and apple. Tropical on the other hand is fusion of mango and orange vape juice. Sweet and husky mango balances the sour of pulpy orange and together they give the best and extraordinary vaping experience. Similarly, tribal flavor is also one of its kind. This is the combination of mango, pineapple and jackfruit which gives you an experience as if you are roaming free in wild. Spirit and Nile flavors also have a delicate fragrance and taste of a mixture of unique flavors.

The elegant design, intuitive features of vape, and wide range of flavors are guaranteed to offer an outstanding and unmatched experience.

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Fantastic Exotic
Fantastic Exotic