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Gruntz Strain


Gruntz is a hybrid weed strain made by crossing Gelato with Zkittlez. Consumers who have smoked this strain say the effects are more energizing than calming. Smoking Gruntz produces an uplifting sensation that leaves consumers feeling focused, tingly, and euphoric. This strain is ideal for daytime hours or as a wake and bake strain. Gruntz features a tropical flavor profile, with undertones of grapefruit and chemicals. The effects of Gruntz last longer than your average strain. Take it easy smoking Gruntz until you have an understanding of how it makes you feel. The original breeder of this strain is unknown. Strains similar to Gruntz include Sunset MAC, ACDC, MediHaze, and CBD Mango Haze.

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Uniquely Gruntz Your Taste buds With Three Top Variations

Gruntz Strain has quickly become one of the best selling hybrid strains available today. Formulated from the zesty and super sweet Shasta Goldenseal, the Gruntz Strain line contains the perfect blend of sweet, tart, citrus and pine notes to create a high end and highly drinkable daily citrus offering. This flavorful hybrid can satisfy even the most rigid palate.


Fourth, Gruntz Strain has a powerful, full bodied, uplifting, throat rumbling aroma that will get you pumped as you head out for another day at work. First, you will notice a strong citrus aroma and taste with a hint of grapefruit. Second, there is a strong yet subtle jasmine like smell. Third, there is a light body buzz with a slight hint of grass and wood. Fourth, Gruntz Strain has a consistent high energy level and highly drinkable stamina that make it a great choice for those that want to keep their energy levels up and in control.


Next, Gruntz Strain delivers a truly unique and powerful zesty citrus aroma and flavor that will get you high as a kangaroo! With a warm and light body scent, this strain will certainly attract attention from those around you as you head out for a night on the town. The real treat with this citrusy and floral sweetener, however, is that the flavor quickly fades after the first bloom. A true super fruit, Gruntz Strain will give you a consistently high powered boost that will keep you going for hours!


When blended with our proprietary blend of Guttulicle and Serrano peppers, our super fruity Serrano pepper blend creates a flavor that is tart, with a very pronounced androgyny flavor, which we believe anyone would be hard-pressed to resist. With a mild yet intense kick, the Serrano peppers are very balanced with our Gruntz strain. This fruit zestiness is backed by an equally intense vegetal aroma that is balanced perfectly with our signature tangy lemony blend of Guttulicle. The blend has been bottled at just under the alcohol limit for human consumption but contains no less than thirty percent of our highest quality, pure Gruntz ingredients. If you are looking for the zestiest and most powerful aroma in the world, try Gruntz Strain.


The third variety of our Gruntz line is called Runtz. With its distinctive and subtle German herbal character, this tangy and extremely sweet tea is perfect for any number of occasions. We recommend this tea with some light cheese or crackers, and it goes great with some fresh strawberries, and our delicious and sweet T-Discs. Runts are made with a high concentration of Guttulicle, and our sweet and very tart and juicy blend of T-discs will have your guests asking you for more. Runts is the third variety of our Gruntz series and is also available in our delicious T-Discs.


Our goal has always been to create the best of every single strain we make, and the combination of flavors and aromas in our unique blends will leave your taste buds buzzing and your palate tingling. It’s important to note, however, that our Runts strain does not have the same pungent or spicy feel that some other strains have. This distinction is primarily due to the manner in which it was harvested. When harvesting our Runts strains, we only use a fraction of the weight of each plant, creating a fresher, more delicate and enjoyable tea.

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Gruntz Strain
Gruntz Strain