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Headband OG
5 out of 5

Headband OG

Headband OG strain is an indica dominant hybrid Headband OG is a cannabis strain known for creating a mild tightening sensation around the cranium, hence its name
Potency: THC: 17-24%

Headband OG strain comes on slowly, starting with an uplift in mood coupled with a long-lasting full-bodied stone that leaves them feeling like they’re wrapped in a blanket of euphoria. Its effects are powerful, but not overpowering when consumed in small doses. When overly consumed, Headband OG effects can quickly turn physical, inducing couchlock and lethargy in some users. Best suited for evening use, Headband OG’s overall effects are sedating and not recommended for doing anything physical. Instead, those looking to alleviate chronic pain symptoms, inflammation, insomnia, and appetite loss have found some relief when consuming this relaxing Indica strain.

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