Online Dispensaries and Mail Order Marijuana: What’s Deal? how to buy marijuana online uk

  Many people new to using a Canadian mail order marijuana service wonder about the authenticity or safety of purchasing their cannabis over the internet and having it shipped to their door through the mail.  Did you know the only way the only legal way for Licensed Producers to distribute their legal medical cannabis under the Federal MMPR/ACMPR program is by mail? Canada post staff and the average human are not trained to differentiate a legal marijuana package from an illegal marijuana package. All they know is that it is legal to ship medical marijuana within Canada. Check out some highlights this story in the Toronto NOW.  how to buy marijuana online uk 

A Switch To Online Purchasing

” Meet “P.” He uses cannabis to help control a chronic pain condition. P started out as a recreational user, going from “picking up dime bags in front of the Eaton Centre” in the 1990s to being a “dabbing dad with a full-time job as a TDSB teacher.”

When dispensaries began opening across Toronto, he checked them out. “The ability to see the bud was really good, in terms of being able to see a wide variety of flower,” he says. Increased police attention to Toronto’s dispensaries since last May’s city-wide raids has left P feeling less confident about purchasing his cannabis at storefront locations. how to buy marijuana online uk


Buying marijuana from a storefront

“I don’t want to go to the dispensaries right now because of all the [uncertainty],” he says. He fears that buying marijuana from a storefront comes with a high degree of exposure. “When you’re possessing cannabis outside your home, you could conceivably have someone rob you or a police officer accost you.”

  Arrests of dispensary owners have continued, with search warrants executed at more than half a dozen marijuana dispensaries in the last month alone. Many are wondering where to get their supply, and P has switched to online purchasing. In fact, a number of Toronto dispensaries closed by the raids continue to operate online, a mode ignored by law enforcement so far.“Although these establishments are not yet considered legal,” say the owners of one website, “the Canadian government has decided to let them operate in peace.”


Online dispensaries

Online dispensaries also seem to have the implicit blessing of the postal service. Many offer express shipping, and their entire business relies on Canada Post. Mail-order pot isn’t new in Canada. For years websites have offered marijuana by mail, but today’s online dispensaries are miles ahead of predecessors that would only accept cash sent by snail mail. Many require age verification (including an uploaded copy of your government-issued ID) and varying levels of medical documentation, ranging from a full Marihuana For Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR) prescription to simple prescription as proof of an ailment.

For police, enforcing the law in the case of online providers can be difficult. While it’s easy to identify bricks-and-mortar dispensaries, those operating online often take measures to avoid detection and protect their customers. The shift online has been popular with customers, too. P says online sources offer a number of advantages over their storefront counterparts, including the ease of ordering from the safety of home. Another plus is anonymity. Even unlicensed dispensaries collect and store a lot of personal and medical information about their customers in databases.