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Our THC-O infused flowers have a great taste that can’t be beat! Our new Runtz THC-O Pre Roll is made from fresh indoor THC-O infused buds not shake so you get all their goodness in every inhalation! With high terpene content these tasty treats will make your head spin with pleasure.

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The taste of this Runtz THC-O Pre Roll is not one-dimensional. It includes both the sweet-sugariness of candy and layered tones that are woody, with tropical citrus notes for added complexity – making it perfect to satisfy users who have more discerning palates!

The Runtz THC-O effects range from calming to tingly-sleepy, the kind of feeling you get when your brain tells yourself that it doesn’t have anything better to do than just take a long nap. We recommend this as perfect companion for spa days, movie nights  or lazy Saturdays!

The strain has been known to relieve low-level body pains and chronic aches, especially those that are work related. It can be very beneficial for stressed or high anxiety people who crave some calmness in their lives but don’t want it at the expense of productivity!  The chemical makeup combines both euphoria plus relaxation which creates an amazing high feeling that is sure to please.

The Runtz THC-O Pre Roll comes filled with 1 gram of premium indoor THC-O infused flower rolled to perfection. Each 1 gram cone comes packed in our child-proof joint tube that you can use to store your joint in between smokes. The Runtz THC-O is a great tasting and smooth hitting joint that is perfect for any occasion. Whether you are looking to relax after a long day or enjoy a fun night out with friends, the Runtz pre-roll is the perfect choice. Order your Runtz THC-O pre-roll today and experience the difference!

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