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Moroccan Hash



This heavy Indica dominant hash means heavy buzz. Plan on a night in after smoking
this. Great dark texture, but best not lighter it or it’ll coat your fingers. Break it up in little tiny nerds and
mix with plant or tobacco. Nice slow smoke with the THC glands exploding into a liquidy resin ring that
floats all the way down to the roach. Bit of a creeper, but ten minutes later I was playing the same song
over and over again

Moroccan Hash

Morocco, a country in North Africa, is known to produce some premium and best quality hash. According to some sources, this North African country grows more than 35,000 tons of cannabis herbs each year. Moroccan Hash is one of well-known product of the country.

Moroccan Rolex Hash is made of 100 % pure sativa strain of cannabis. This strain is known to produce energizing, mind high, anxiety-reducing and euphoric effect. Therefore, Moroccan Rolex Hash is preferred by those who are keen to have an extra vigor and energy after smoking. It is also known for creating an immediate and instant effect of buzzing high for its consumers. The high will hit you almost as soon as you exhale, smashing into your brain and launching you into a state of pure buzzing energy. Your mood will be instantly boosted, and you’ll feel a super strong tingly euphoria that would make your mind move from one thought to other very quickly.

Moroccan Hash has a super spicy and flowery. When it is smoked, it burns with an ember and gives a hit of black pepper upon exhale. THC amount in Moroccan Rolex Hash and CBD in it, is just perfect to help with so many problems. These levels and amount of THC and CBD can treat chronic fatigue, inflammation, Multiple Sclerosis, chronic stress or PTSD and chronic pain.

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Moroccan Hash
Moroccan Hash