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Obama Runtz


Obama Runtz is a mysterious marijuana strain popularized by street culture. Obama Runtz is neither related to Runtz nor Obama Kush. Rumors about this strain started with a viral video originating in Atlanta, GA. As of 2020.

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Obama Runtz, The Trendy Potpourri

Obama Runtz is an illegal hybrid created by an illegal alien who lives in Dearborn, Michigan. It is probably best described as corn chips with a touch of butter. It was sold at a Cornucopia in Lansing while Obama was being sworn into office. Obama Runtz was an unregistered wholesale brand in the eastern half of the country, believed to be a mix of Afghani andOG Kush. It is very similar to “HOT Kush” but it is not officially referred to by that name.


The name was a clever play on words with the two illicit drug substances, namely, marijuana and heroin, that are illegal in the united States. Obama Runtz can be smoked, dissolved in a glass of water for oral consumption, or mixed in a drink to make it more appealing to young adults. It is believed that this particular strain of runt will be the next “hit” in the recreational marijuana market. The popularity of the product is growing because it is simply delicious and tasty. This is similar to Shrek’s “meant for all”, a mixture of grapefruit and yogurt which, when mixed, can give you a high similar to those experienced by Fiona, Princess Fiona’s best friend.


No one, not even know the founder of Obama Runtz, has been able to uncover his or her identity. There have been rumors that he might be an Indonesian American named Mark Zucherberg, a Facebook friend, or a member of a group called “ocated”. One thing that is certain is that he or she is well-known to the street trade of Ogon kush and is often seen at late night parties in front of a bodega in MLK, a popular shopping district in downtown Detroit. Zucherberg is also said to be the father of one of the future Presidents of the United States of America.


Of course, no one knows who actually created Obama Runtz, although there have been several theories about who or what the creator might be. One of the most popular ideas circulating around is that the concoction was created by an Asian gentleman in order to make money selling the mix on various social media sites. However, this idea quickly falls apart when you discover that the founder of the blend, whom we will identify as Mark Zucherberg, is actually an avid user of social media sites, particularly Facebook, and a devotee of the “sharing” culture. In other words, he is quite involved with the social media scene and very connected to his fans. Zucherberg does not seem to be seeking any monetary gain from selling his weed infused blend of kush and socially acceptable strains.


Many believe that Obama Runtz originated with a college student in Hawaii who wanted to create a unique name for his high school class. Others believe that the former president of the United States himself may have been the inspiration for the concoction. While no one knows who might have come up with the idea for Obama Runtz, one thing is for certain, the President of the United States himself has used the product himself and it is a trending favorite across the country. While not everyone is a fan, many are enjoying the healthy, yet inexpensive, boost of energy it provides to their daily routine.


The popularity of Obama Runtz, even in the midst of this latest gush of weed flavor, is not likely to go away anytime soon. With millions of people experimenting with this new blend, it is just a matter of time before the former president’s name becomes synonymous with the trend. You can buy online and in stores wherever pot vapes are sold. There are even Raffle tournaments going on right now with large cash prizes for the winners. So, if you are ready to bust out a few joints, don’t hesitate to try Obama Runtz and give yourself a high, without spending any money!

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Obama Runtz
Obama Runtz