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White Cookies
5 out of 5

White Cookies

This is a potent hybrid enjoyed for its ability to stimulate appetite and curb pain. White Cookies is made by crossing White Widow and Girl Scout Cookies. Buy White Cookies strain online from the best online dispensary online.
Potency: THC: 18-22%

White Cookies strain is a high potency on both side of this cross, White Cookies utilizes the sweet, uplifting euphoria of the old school and masterfully blends it with new school OG elements that relax the body. Buy White Cookies strain online and get the best out of this strain. Buy from our online dispensary and get discounts. Enjoy White Cookies with a side of cookies as this strain will give you the munchies as well as soothe chronic pain and help mitigate stress. We have the best White Cookies strain for sale online. White Cookies is bred by Crop King Seeds.

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