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White Widow Wax



White Widow Wax is a Sativa-primary hybrid bred from Granddaddy Purple and Bay Platinum Cookies. White Widow Wax is good for patients with muscle tension, and a sour mood. buy White Widow Wax.

White widow wax

White widow wax is a very good hybrid strain for depression, stress, pain, and PTSD. buy White Widow Wax. The white widow gets its name from the fact that it is virtually a blanket in white crystals. Lab Tested Results for White Widow Wax: THC: 80% CBD: 2%. Wax is an opaque, solid material that shatters through a similar process. In appearance, the wax looks buttered and is not uniformly transparent. Buy dabs online Different wax compatibility is created using different oil textures and different moisture and heat levels. Variations of wax include the following

  • Budder: A gooey wax form that contains more moisture and is a runner than other concentrations. The extract is made by whip while purifying it. The whip adds air to remove the effect, which turns it into a solid when it cools. Bud is the smoothest and creamiest of waxes.
  • Laminate and Honeycomb: Wax with a soft, yet brittle, texture.
  • Sugar Crudes: Known for its crystalline surface and zigzag texture, sugar is easy to handle because it is not very sticky. buy White Widow Wax
  • Wax Crumble: Similar to a piece of sugar, but with a smooth surface. Wax crumble is not sticky and is creamier than sugar crumble.

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White Widow Wax
White Widow Wax