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Bubble Hash



Bubble hash is a concentrate made by getting the dried and cured bud very cold and passing the plant material through progressively smaller screens until all that’s left are the trichomes. And in case you were wondering, bubble hash gets its name from the bubble bags (sieve-like screens) you use to separate the trichomes from the plant matter. The name “bubble hash” may also refer to the bubbles that form when bubble hash is smoked.


Bubble Hash – Is it Safe?

Bubble Hash is a highly potent form of marijuana that is often used by medical marijuana users to get high. Bubble Hash is similar in effect to hashish or brown sugar. Although it may sound dangerous, it is usually not. Bubble hash is made by boiling potable water, typically either with baking soda or sodium bicarbonate, and then straining out the solution, typically after about thirty seconds in a rolling machine.

To create bubble hash, marijuana flower buds are added to large bags of ice, heated for a few minutes, and stirred, that melts and breaks the resin glands inside the bud. These broken resin glands go through a complex series of filters, primarily including screen materials such as baking soda and sodium bicarbonate, while the active plant matter remains behind, forming bubble hash. The process of making hashish is more complicated than boiling water and, therefore, takes longer. In addition, since the substances used in making hashish are highly concentrated, hashish made using these methods can only be consumed through the lungs. Smoking hashish is against state law in many states, so users must consume the concentrated product through vapor form.

Although some claim Bubble Hash has less potency than other cannabis concentrates, this is untrue. Medical studies have shown Bubble Hash’s effectiveness in treating various ailments. However, no single test can measure potency because every patient’s body responds differently to medications. Many medical experts believe that because of this, it is nearly impossible to determine Bubble Hash’s potency.

Some people believe that the apparent lesser potency of bubble hash is due to the presence of too much trichomes on the plant material. Trichomes are small, bitter smelling volatile materials found on the outer surface of buds and leaves. These are a result of incomplete oxidation of plant material. Medical professionals state that although trichomes are a natural byproduct of cannabis consumption, they can still have an effect on a person’s health. When added to the plant material during production, these bitter chemicals can lower the concentration of beneficial active ingredients. Consequently, it is not uncommon for hash users to suffer from flu-like symptoms after consuming too much bubble bags.

A final argument against Bubble Hash’s medicinal benefits centers on the fact that it lacks the beneficial qualities of other cannabis concentrates. Although other concentrates have been shown to have medical properties, including those with pain relieving properties, some experts point out that Bubble Hash lacks the specific medical properties needed to effectively treat certain ailments. Because it lacks the beneficial chemicals found in marijuana, some experts theorize, it is essentially useless as a treatment for some serious medical conditions. Bubble Hash is primarily used to alleviate the pain of growing a large crop, or to ease the debilitating symptoms of a traumatic accident or severe illness. However, even with these said issues, hash users still continue to purchase the product because of its relative safety.

The bubble hash manufacturing process leaves behind small clumps of solid stems and leaves. This is the stuff that you need to make bubble hash using the cold water extraction method. With this process, you will first heat the water used in the extraction so that it is very hot, then cool it down so that it is still cold, and finally, extract the resulting solution into small rocks or sticks. These are the materials that you will use to cook with, most commonly known as hash oil or hashish. However, there are new products that combine this method with the hot and cold extraction methods, making it even more potent and effective when used for medical purposes.

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bubble hash
Bubble Hash